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thedastardcunt's Journal

3 March
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Each entry will be a brief review (with Q&A to follow) of either a sex toy, sex position, or sexual enhancer (lube, cream, etc.).

Each entry is friends only. If you require more privacy you are welcome to PM me with questions or comments. I might use the contents of our PMs to elaborate on my posts, but unless you grant permission, I will not reveal your name. Questions will not be answered if they are too personal. (IE, "What does your pussy taste like?" will not be answered and will earn you a ban, but "How can I improve the taste of my pussy?" and similar questions are encouraged.) I will not add you unless I know you. Sock puppet accounts will not be added. Trolls will not be tolerated.

Requirements for becoming a friend:
- I must know you or know of you.
- Your user info must describe who you are.
- You must add me using a journal that is not a sock puppet account.
- Anyone who adds me and seems to be a troll (is in a lot of snark communities, has very few journal entries, has inflammatory and/or offensive icons, etc.) will be denied.
If you are denied, I will PM you with an explanation. You are welcome to reply with any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Polite, thoughtful, patient conversation will get you everywhere. Harassment and personal attacks will get you banned.